As of January 1, 2018, PBACO members include more than 1,200 health professionals who see about 150,000 Medicare-Fee-For-Service beneficiaries each year. Every day, PBACO members work as a team to promote coordinated and quality care for all patients. One of our central goals is to preserve physician independence. The PBACO philosophy is to keep physicians as the central coordinators of healthcare. As a result, our physicians are best positioned to provide appropriate quality care and help increase efficiency in the United States healthcare system. Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization: 100% physician owned, operated and funded.

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Board Certification: Board certified or board-eligibility is required. Otherwise, physicians must meet the expectations as outlined and approved in the PBACO participation agreement.

Electronic Data Interchange & Internet Connectivity: All physicians must have high-speed Internet access in the office. Physicians must submit all claims through EDI.

Clinical Integration Program Participation

Communication & Access: Must be able to receive and implement practice Education / Clinical programs / Operational programs.

Office Staff Training: A designated “Clinical Coordinator” must attend educational seminars and be in charge of clinical system integration.

Committee Participation: Executive; Specialist Physician; Medical Director; Physician Engagement; Patient Engagement and Experience; Membership; Quality Assurance and Process Improvement; Data Warehouse and Storage; Clinical Integration; Finance/Budget; Technology; and Business Development.